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Prior to Configuration



What is the difference between a "Guided Configuration" and an "Expert Configuration"?


The “Guided Configuration”, allows you to select your desired model from a large number of already preconfigured Stands. You decide whether you want to adopt it directly or to modify it with just a few clicks in order to meet your individual needs. You can be really creative by using the „Expert Configuration“. Here you start your configuration on an empty drawing board, on which you can configure your ideal Stand according to your requirements.



Why should I register?


A registration allows you to recall all Stands you have saved in the past, quickly and easily.





During Configurating 



How can I remove an unwanted component?


Click on the component you want to remove. By clicking on the X symbol, you can easily remove the element.



I have removed the last component of my configuration. How can it continue from here?


Click on the upper component, then click on the + symbol to continue.



I have chosen a component but would like to exchange it. What is the fastest way to do so?


Click the component you want to replace. With a further click on the appearing pen, all alternative components are displayed in the box on the right side of the page.



In order to configure a Stand according to my needs I would need a component that is not part of the configurator yet. Is there any other way I can get the ideal Stand for my POS?


We are really sorry you are missing a component in our configurator. Please contact us at: We are positive that we will work out a suitable solution for you.








I have sent an individual project inquiry request to ANKER. Is this already binding?


No, your individual project inquiry request is completely non-binding for you.



I would like to make a change to an existing configuration. Do I have to start from the beginning or is there a chance I can adapt the existing version?


You can modify existing configurations without no problem. Simply call up the Stand you want to adapt by using your configuration ID. Just follow the instructions to modify an already existing configuration.